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March 14, 2011

Chamber Pot and Bowl Sink

A set of functional items to be used as an alternative to modern plumbing in themed hoods.

Chamber Pot
The pot mesh was combined with the castaway toilet bush to provide a functional chamberpot that is more appropriate for historical hoods.
  • Sims will squat to use the pot.
  • No dirty state/no breakage
  • May be used diagonally
  • Make certain there is enough room for your Sim to walk around the pot to use it; do not place it directly against a wall
  • Men will not use this pot from a standing position; they will only use it when their bladder is about half full.
  • There are three pots for different age groups:
    1. Toddler
    2. Children
    3. Teen through Elder
  • The Adult Chamber Pot is the master for all textures; You must have it in the game for the other pots to work. 
  • Default color is white; there are 9 more recolors included.
Bowl Sink
The bowl sink has been extracted and altered from the modern sink in the Kitchens & Bath stuff pack. It was then cloned on the expensive pedestal sink.
  • The sink may be placed on any table or end table using cheats.
  • The bowl has all the functionality of a regular sink: hand wash, drink, bathe infant, wash dishes, sponge bath, plus the additional actions if a medicine cabinet is placed above it.
  • The default color is white: there are 9 more recolors included and they coordinate with the chamber pot.
  • Occassionally water may appear outside the sink, such as during the sink filling up. The animations have not been altered from the original sink, so this is due to maxis/ea games error. [I checked and it does happen on the Kitchen & Bath Sink, but so infrequently that I find it a non-issue personally].
-Just like regular toilets and sinks, these items are not placeable on shelves.
-You will need at least one expansion from Pets or later installed for these items to work in your game (meaning you need one of the following: Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, Freetime or Apartment Life)


Lama said...

Sunni, this set is just awesome!
The objects look quite authentic, the textures are excellent.
Cute baby pic!

Cynnix said...

Beautiful textures Sunni, I can't wait to play with these!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful objects and recolors! Wow! Thank you so much, Sunni. Anyone would think you had been meshing for ages. :D

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I'm amazed at how quickly you learn, these are wonderful! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. These objects are so wonderful and great. Thank you for all your hard work.

Maerwynn said...

Stunning! I will definitely be able to use these in my upcoming medieval lot projects!

Thank you!

Mary Jane said...

where did you get the furniture and curtains at?

Wawa said...

The furniture in the first picture look like Adele's Persianeque set. The second ... not sure.

Brian Shapiro said...

What font did you use in labeling the chamberpots?

Lama said...

@Brian: I informed Sunni about your post. Not sure if she finds the time to look up the name of the font.

Wawa said...

Hey Brian.

I had asked Sunni in chat the other day but forgot to post it here for you.

It's called Knight's Quest and you can find it here

Brian Shapiro said...

Thank you so much, guys