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March 29, 2011

A Comfy Seat -- Fit for a King

I had made these because of two castles I had seen posted at The Keep by Lady Chandler and child_of_air -- Amy's Royal Residence, just posted here earlier. I wanted them to have some nice thrones for their throne rooms. So, using this mesh since it is no longer available at the original site, I recoloured a comfy seat fit for a King or Queen or whoever else it may interest.
Download Golden Throne
I hope this will grace your castles majestically


Mary Jane said...

Is the mesh included with this? Or is there another place I can get it? It looks like to DL was removed from the site.

Wawa said...

Hi Mary Jane!

Sad when all these Sims 2 sites start disappearing ... or their items anyway.

The mesh is now available so please click on "this mesh". I have uploaded them to my mediafire account. Hope they aren't being buggy when you try to download it.