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March 09, 2011

Female Coif

This is the first mesh in my coif set, today you get the all ages ladies coif. It's binned using CatOfEvilGenius's new tool, and the gray is linked to the black. I used the front of base game lowbun hair because unlike the people in the middle ages I think a seven head is unattractive. I made the texture for the coif with some cobbled together linen pictures I found online and the texture for the hair itself was taken out of AlmightyHat's Good Starting Point hair Hat uses Pooklet's actions and they look great even on the base game hair Hat has shared. I only did family one because I'm too busy meshing (ok, I'm lazy and busy with toddler clothing) I used Melodie9's child and toddler low bun hair for the base of those ages. I'd like to thank everybody who commented and made suggestions for this set.



Lama said...

It looks perfect, I think! This coif is one of the must-haves for medieval Simmers and I'm sure it will be much used.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Smithy! I'm very happy to have you here, these are great and thanks so much for sharing! :)