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March 22, 2011

Market Stuff

This set contains recolours of a display, sack and baskets.
You need the following meshes:
Potpourri Display (requires OFB; shows only on Community Lots): Retailsims
Sack UK1967 MTS
Baskets Moune
(I have used the old version of the basket meshes. Moune has changed her set to repository in April '11, not sure if my recolours will work with them, too.)


Sunni said...

Wonderful set and incredibly useful for filling the open market. Thanks so much Ingrid <3 :)

Wawa said...

Love it. Amy is building a few more lots in her series .. and I requested a lot with several houses with a marketplace. So, these will come in handy for that!

Eva said...

Oh, these are very nice Ingrid! Very nice indeed. Thanks!

Dinuriel said...

I really need to check here more often :)

These are gorgeous! I love all the textures (and I'm flattered by the reference). Great work :D

Lama said...

Thank you, dear friends!
@Dinuriel: Oh, you've noticed it! *smile*

Anonymous said...

Awesome set! Thanks for posting! Did you also recolor the hanging onions? Please can you tell me where the violett flower (Glockenblume) is from? Thanks :)

Lama said...

Thanks, Anonymous!
I didn't recolour the hanging onions.
The blue flower is from Blackypanther (Downloads>New Meshes> Plants)
Sorry, I can't post working links in comments. Copy and paste it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Paumar said...

Cool! I love your stuff.

Lama said...

Thank you, Paumar!