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March 26, 2011

Northumbria- Series 5

I was planning on bringing this series to a close, but a few requests have compelled me to keep creating. I've been dealing with some personal tragedy, so the going has been pretty slow. Hopefully it is worth the wait!
First up is the lot I built for Cynnix, The Count's Castle by the Sea. She requested a beach lot, and although I am also building a port, I thought I would build a castle as well. This lot has been created with protective barriers in mind, perhaps a Lord with a large army can reside here, and protect the city's sea borders. It is a smaller castle compared to my others, but there is plenty of room to build and lots of space to garden, swim in the sea, and lounge around on the beach. Obviously you will need Bon Voyage to play this lot. I have all expansion packs and most of the stuff packs.
Next up is The Northumbrian Royal Estate, the castle I created for my royal family. This lot is very large, and situated high up. It is probably not best for very old computers. This lot has a protective wall, towers for protection and torturing, luxurious apartments and lovely views. As with most of my lots in this series, these are very sparsely furnished and decorated to keep down the amount of custom content used. In addition to the usual downloads included (see Northumbrian Series 2) there are:


Eva said...

These both look amazing Amy! Thanks so much for sharing!

Lama said...

These lots are so special, I like your way of building. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys. Lama, your walls came in great for these interiors. :)

Anonymous said...

Woah, my mind is blown! Makes me wish to play a medieval game, fantastic work!