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March 09, 2011

Out of Swaddling

After a population explosion in my game caused by testing preg morphs, I found I was using the same four meshes for my little ones. I have fourteen new meshes for you today for your medieval toddlers. There's a long gown with slightly full sleeves and a second set that is wider for a full skirted look. There are low boots, viking boots, flats, pointy toe shoes, hose(block feet), Bloom's feet and Marvine's feet for sleepwear. I chose to use both of these because I have skin tones that use both of them. If you have problems with high poly meshes on your machine, don't use the Bloom version. The outfits are in everyday and the ones without shoes are in everyday and sleepwear. I used some reworked maxis textures and some hand painting for these. Many thanks to Sunni for the wonderful pictures!
Toddler Gown MESH.Cynnix.puGown&BloomFeet Faces=3175 Vertices=2248 MESH.Cynnix.pfGown&Flats Faces=1677 Vertices=1350 MESH.Cynnix.pfGown&Hose.042410 Faces=1453 Vertices=1070 MESH.Cynnix.puGown&LowBoots Faces=1489 Vertices=1128 MESH.Cynnix.puGown&MarvineFeet Faces=1489 Vertices=1128 MESH.Cynnix.pfGown&PointyShoe Faces=1549 Vertices=1266 MESH.Cynnix.puGown&VikingBoot Faces=1743 Vertices=1316 Toddler Full gown MESH.Cynnix.puFullGownLowBoot Faces=1598 Vertices=1149 MESH.Cynnix.pfFullGown&PointyShoes Faces=1658 Vertices=1287 MESH.Cynnix.puFullGownBloomFeet Faces=3284 Vertices=2269 MESH.Cynnix.pfFullGownFlats Faces=1786 Vertices=1371 MESH.Cynnix.pfFullGownMarvineFeet Faces=1906 Vertices=1494 MESH.Cynnix.pfFullGownBlockFeet Faces=1562 Vertices=1092 MESH.Cynnix.puFullGownVikingBoot Faces=1852 Vertices=1337

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Lama said...

Congrats to your first post here, Cynnix!
These gowns are sooo cute and nicely done. Thank you!