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March 04, 2011

Twentyfour Shields

Theses are 24 retextures of Mutske's Medieval Shield (TSR).
Get the mesh here
Thank you Mutske, for allowing me to recolour your pretty shield!
Note: Use the cheats 'moveobjects on' and 'boolprop snapObjectsToGrid false' to place the shield, or else the swords will go into the wall.


Sunni said...

Absolutely Stunning!!! I'm speechless :)

Anonymous said...

I always liked that shield. Didn't so much like the fact that it came in only orange. Kind of limited its versatility, you know?

But now -- you fixed it, Lama! ;-) Thank you so much, Lama!

Wawa said...

The swords DO look so much better than I remembered when I was trying to experiment with them. Good to know about using the cheats then. These are fantastic Ingrid. *adds to moaning Downloads folder

Eva said...

Thanks Ingrid!

Nonni said...

These are AWESOME! Thank you so much.