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April 03, 2011


Today I bring you recolours of two looms, 
a chair and a spinning wheel.
This loom is from Gara's Boutique.
Download the meshes of loom, diningchair and spinningwheel here.
(Chair under GARA-MESH, Loom and Spinningwheel under Themed Set>Tailor's Set, click link under picture)

This loom is from Blackypanther.
I included the mesh in the download.


Amy said...

Lovely! :)

Wawa said...

How Brilliant is That!! Great idea Ingrid. These are fantastic.

Wawa said...

I just checked for the meshes at Gara's in Themed sets. The only thing on that page was a picture of the tailor shop ... nothing else. Can you access it? (I do have it, but others may not).

Eva said...

Thanks Ingrid!

judy/canada said...

Beautiful recolours or a wonderful mesh. Thank you very much; love it.

Lama said...

Thank you, dear friends!
Wawa, the link is the word "Tailor's Set" under the picture.

Wawa said...

How strange. It didn't work for me like that when I was checking to see if I had them.

Sunni said...

I love this set Ingrid, I can't wait to use it!

[Do you mind me asking what windows are those in the picture?]

Lama said...

Glad you like it, Sunni.
The windows are the Courtier Windows by Cyclonesue/ TSR.