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April 08, 2011

The Town Wall

This is a set of decorative mix-and-match pieces to create a town wall in your neighborhood. The texture coordinates with the SimStore Castle Set.

There are a total of 32 separate parts that include:
  • Main Gate (3 types)
  • Square Towers Large (2)
  • Square Towers Small (2)
  • Round Tower (1)
  • Square Tower with Roof (2)
  • Wall with Roof (1)
  • Half Wall (1)
  • Wall with walkway (1)
  • Mini Walls (2)
  • Banner (8)
  • Pennant (8)
  • Door (1)
Texture Credits: Wawa, Lady Chandler & paigeturnersims
For more pictures, visit Plumb Bob Keep


Herr Burgermeister said...

WoW !!!

And to have made it to coordinate with the SS Castle Set !

*shifty eye s at ditching historical realisti for historical fantasy*

Sims, SCA style. Yeah Baby!

Thanl you Very much ! *bows*

Lama said...

This is simply amazing ... seems you're able to create everything!
High quality stuff .... for free!
Thank you so much, Sunni.

Malta said...

is there a similar but for the sims 3

Wawa said...

Hi Malta.

Saw your comment about the Town Wall for TS3. Sunni had only made if available for TS2, but I was in chat with her at PlumbBob Keep. She is okay with having it converted if someone wants to take on that project. You might ask at GoS if someone could do that?

Wawa said...

Sunni had moved all her links to another service. I have it fixed now Emelie. I've also removed your comment as you had posted your email. Don't want you being spammed by anyone :P