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May 16, 2011

Bayeux Tapestries Reworked

I have always loved the Bayeux Tapestries and it was one of the first items I tried to make recolours of sometime ago when I first started. But I wasn't happy with them. For the Inn building contest at the PlumbBob Keep, I reworked them using Lethe_s 3 tile banner and decorated a few of my sets with them. But I didn't like the fact that they wouldn't shift up/down the walls. So I tried to find another mesh that I thought would be ideal. Then I remembered ... Huge Lunatic has a great set at S2A. The only problem with this mesh was the wall shadow was hindering what I wanted to accomplish. So, with HL's permission, Sunni cloned the mesh required, gave it a separate guid so as not to conflict with HL's mesh and removed the wall shadow. So now, with the kindness of these two ladies I've recoloured the entire 35 pieces of the Bayeux tapestry. I wanted something unique for the tapestry rod and thought .... what could've William the Conqueror used? Why not the spears of the defeated Anglo-Saxons! So, they are hanging from the spears of his vanquished foes.
So, a few ingame pictures of the many within the set
The Complete Set

For anyone that may be interested in the set on Lethe_s mesh with a regular tapestry rod, these are a few pictures I have, taken for the contest. They can shift down a fraction on the wall but not much.
Download Bayeux Tapestry - HL's Mesh (reworked by Sunni)
Download Bayeux Tapestry - Lethe_s Mesh
The required meshes for both are included in the files.


Lama said...

They look so real! And that's what I like to have for my game.
Many thanks, Walter!

Littlekitteh said...

dude, where did you get the feathered pen & open book?! iv'e been looking for something like that!

Lama said...

Hi Littlekitteh,
get book and quill here.
It's also posted in the HYCF list.