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May 07, 2011

South of Normandy- Series #1

So, after finishing my Northumbrian series some time ago, I thought I would try something different. These buildings have been used for my downtown neighborhood, Normandy. They have nothing to do with the real Normandy, but I had to call them something, right? In this series I will be adding a number of different buildings, including residential lots for both lower and upper classes.

The picture on top and to the right is the peasant or serf home, a very small dwelling for your lower class sims. It has ample garden space, small cramped rooms, and room for livestock to dwell. Serfs that need to provide their lord with produce will find this lot ideal.
The one to the left is the cottage, a step above the peasant house. Like the former it also has a plot big enough to grow plenty of crops and has two bedrooms, a washroom, and small dining room. It is minimally furnished, but as I've always tried to keep down the size of my files, the details of the furnishings is left up to you.
All lots in this series will include:
Additional Files :
Fences by Cyclonesue
Hay and Straw Terrain Paint by Cyclonesue
Geese by Kativip, From Peaceful Moments
Bowl Sink by Sunni
Download Peasant Home and Norman Cottage. Enjoy! :)


Eva said...

Thanks so much Amy!

Meshy said...

Thank you! They are fantastic!