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June 04, 2011

Mhalwae Walls

Five walls, filed under Panels.
The name of the set is borrowed from the Sims 2 story "Kingdom of Mhalwae",
written by Verity. Read it here


Sunni said...

Ingrid, I really, really love these wall panels. I think I'll be using them a lot. I love what you did with the room in the pictures. Is that some cheating you used with the arches? It just looks awesome. :)

Lama said...

Thank you, Sunni!
No cheating involved here. I used the Vaulted Ceiling by TheJim @MTS.

Verity said...

Ohmigosh! Mhalwae walls!!! I feel so totally privileged. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I haven't done a sims download for so long, since I've been travelling overseas since June so I didn't see these until now. They are really beautiful walls. I'm back home again now and definitely going to use them to decorate a castle in Mhalwae :)