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July 10, 2011

Bed "Alfheim"

"Alfheim" is a set of six recolours of Parsimonious' Amicus Curiae Bed.
Bed mesh, beddings and cushions are not included (links to cushions in comment).


lothere said...

Thank you! This bed is now useful!

Anonymous said...

I have always liked this bed, but was frustrated that it only had one color. In fact, the benches are nice too. Ever think of recoloring those? In any case, thank you!

Artimis said...

Can you put links to the beding and cushions or post them. They would look right with bed in any case these are very nice as always.

Lama said...

Artimis, I can't help with the beddings. But here are the cushions:
1.Exoticelements under >Choose your destination>SE Asia>Balinese Living 2
2.Vitasims under Objects>Morrocan Livingroom

Lorene Holderfield said...

Ohhh, this is a perfect bed--the wooden textures and all! But awww! There's no way to get the beddings? :( Dang. I really like those beddings.

Lama said...

I'm sorry, but I can't find the bedding files in my Downloads folder and I don't remember who made them.

Mary Jane said...

Hey everyone, I have links for the bedding! They are at MTS

Set 1

Set 2

In addition to these there are some new Skin and Fur blankets by jonesie on MTS. Here is the link

Hope this helps!

Lama said...

Thank you for the useful links to medievalish beddings, Mary Jane, although they are not the ones I used in the pics.