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July 01, 2011

Card Table

Today you get a recolour of Maxis' Card table (Nightlife).
Matching chairs come with the lot "Robin Wood's Headquarter".
Remember, Maxis' recolours require CEP to show up in the catalogue. 
Alternative Download
Note: There's a default replacement for the playing cards available. Get it here.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty, and lord knows I always need more card table recolors. Thank you, thank you! :D

Anonymous said...

Great recolor, thank you!

Aurora said...

Where are you getting these beautiful and realistic hair from??

Lama said...

1.Smooth Criminal Hair More colours at the Plumb Bob Keep.
2.Hat plays Sims (first row)
3.Sims 3 conversion
4.Granger Danger

Aurora said...

Lama... have I ever told you how much I love you?




Anonymous said...

Great Recolor!...Also, is that a default replacement for the poker chips? If so, could you please tell me where I can get it? It looks fantastic.

Lama said...

@Anonymous: Thank you!
The poker chips were recolourable, too and I turned them into gold coins. No default replacement. Only part you can't recolour are the playing cards.

Maerwynn said...

I cannot get to the playing cards default replacement because it's in The Keep, and I do not have access. Is there another way I can find the playing cards default replacement? I appreciate your help.