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July 02, 2011

Female Armour

When a Man can't do the job ..... send in a Woman!!
Recolours of the Female Maxis armour (OFB, I believe).
(Pictures by Meshy)PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
And recolours of a more stylish female armour by Leigh Kuhn, from this thread, Femme Armour.
In-game picture of the armour
Download Maxis Female Armour recolours

Download Femme Armour recolours
All the necessary meshes are included in the zipfile. I used a few textures from a brilliant artist named Teresa Tyllo from Sweden. You can find them here.

Now Ladies!! Go Kick Some Butt!!


Anonymous said...

The second download link, for the femme armors, takes me to Medieval Sims homepage for some reason. I would love to download, could you post a more specific link?

Wawa said...

@Anonymous. Sorry, I have fixed the link to the armours. :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Such lovely work, I have to have it <3