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July 01, 2011

Tudor Gowns and Hoods

I had a request at the PlumbBob Keep by Heloise for recolours of the Anne of Cleves dress at All About Style. I reworked the bodice of the gown as it had some shadow issues, then thought .... "What would Tudor gowns be without the proper headwear?" So, I ended up making matching recolours using the French Hood and Gable Hood by Bipsouille. I wasn't comfortable in redoing the actual hair within the French Hood mesh, so Sunni was kind enough to Pooklet'd her favourite selections for the basic hair colours -- Black, Brunette, Blonde, Redhead and Elder. And this is the set that I recoloured for Heloise. I hope you enjoy them.
The French Hoods
The Gable Hoods
The Gowns and Hoods In-game
The Entire Collection of Gown Recolours
Download Tudor Gowns and Hoods
The download zipfile includes 3 separate zips for each -- Gowns, French Hoods and Gable Hoods. All necessary meshes are included. (Dress mesh was featured at the now-closed SimAges site). Each object has it's corresponding number so that you may delete the recolours you don't want within your game. However, I forgot to make a matching recolour of the French Hood for the "wawa-tudor26" dress. Ooops!


Lama said...

Excellent work! Sounds like a lot of work you've had with this. Looks so colourful and elegant!

child_of_air said...

Oh, how lovely! Thank you for this :)

Anonymous said...

This link is broken. I love your creations by the way! I'm going on a spree here!

Wawa said...

Ooops. Sorry, the link is fixed now.

Mary K said...

Wawa, would you be willing to do a recolor for me? I still cannot get on PBK, idky, If so here are the links to the dress I would like recolored, and the recolor I am looking for. I'm would really love to have a matching set for ceremonial purposes. Naturally these are for my royal sims. If not I understand. I just love the recolors you do.
Either the Dance Damask or Blue Embroidered would work
This is the recolor I would like. It is from the new series Reign.

Thank you

Wawa said...

Be happy to try it .... if you can find that material for me?

Mary K said...

Her is the best pic I could find for the fabric. If you hit CTRL and + you can expand the pic and see greater detail of the fabric. Hope this helps.

Mary K said...

LOOKY, LOOKY! I found an awesome site that has wonderful pics for costumes, fabrics, etc. They are even color coded. Click on white and scroll down You will find better examples of fabrics here.