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August 18, 2011

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks." William Shakespeare
* * *
One year, can you believe? Let me give thanks to all dear members of the blog, namely Amy, Cynnix, Eva, Jenny, Michelle, Román, Sunni and Walter. We have accomplished a lot and created a lot, haven't we (about 160 posts!)?
How many hours of work spent on creations, to share them here for free? Thanks for keeping the Sims 2 alive! Also, a big "Thank You!" to all game players, our faithful visitors and assiduous downloaders. Let's hope for another creative, medieval year!


Wawa said...

And a HUGE THanks to you for your dedication and devotion to the site Ingrid!! Without that, there wouldn't be a Smithy! And I, for one, am grateful for what you have started.

udt_103 said...

Congratulations on one year anniversary!

Thank you for taking the time and effort, to create beautiful things for game players.
As the only players, I will follow your creative and your friends.

keep moving forward!

Anonymous said...

Gratulation zum Einjährigen!

Vielen Dank für diese Seite und eure wunderbaren Kreationen. Ihr seid einfach spitze und immer sehr hilfsbereit. Ich liebe euch und diese Seite!

Danke!/ Thanks!


lothere said...

Yes, thanks to you, too, Ingrid. You have done amazing work with this site in only one year. You've made a ton of beautiful content of your own (your walls have changed the face of medieval Sim Build Mode forever :)), you've found contributors, you've maintained the best list of medieval CC there is, and you're always helpful and friendly in the chat box. Brava!

When I was working on one my anniversary outfits, I realized how far we medieval simmers have come since "Midsimmer Night's Dream" came out on mts... in 2005! But it seems like the last year or so has been the real Golden Age of medieval simming. Lately the medieval CC is top-quality and coming out at a much higher rate. And that is no small thanks to the Smithy.


Heloise said...

I second everything said already. The site is made of awesome, the content is top quality, and the support unparalleled here at the Smithy. Thank you for everything.

Evelyn said...

May I also wish you guys a wonderful anniversary and a heartfelt thanks for all your incredible creations! You are one talented lot and I thank you a LOT!!!!