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August 18, 2011

Male Tunic "Anniversary" Remixes

In honor of the first anniversary of The Medieval Smithy I have remixed some classic medieval outfits for Sims 2 men, using some of the more authentic tunic meshes that have been created in recent years. I also have two outfits that are brand-new.

Viking Tunic and Lean Bodybuilder Viking Tunic

"Steward Tunic"

My first offering is a remix of a 2007 outfit by zoej, from her Male Medieval Clothing 2 set.

I also made roughly the same outfits on the LBB Viking mesh, though the sleeves are different because the LBB version has short sleeves. The colors are slightly different too.


"Old and New Tunics"

Next I have two remixes of outfits from the 2005 Midsimmer Night's Dream set from Mod the Sims, and two brand-new ones.

The "Alred" and "Sigefrith" are named after two of my characters who wore the original outfits.

The two new outfits are a flamboyantly fancy tunic on the Viking mesh, and a version of the same without the overtunic, on the LBB mesh.

Here they are from the back:


Fantasyrogue's Tunic and Chausses

My other set uses Fantasyrogue's Medieval Tunic and Chausses meshes.

For my remix I chose one of Helaene's Medieval Men's Outfits, also from A Midsimmer Night's Dream.

I fit the neck lacing onto the tunic mesh as best I could, and made six recolors. I also made four recolors of the chausses, which I will talk about in a minute. First a look at the tunics.

A closer view of the full outfit:

A closer view of the lacing:

Now for the chausses. I made some alterations to Fantasyrogue's version. I replaced the braies with the braies from All About Style because I like them better. I also added color-coordinated side-laces as a nod to the fact that this is how the hosen were held up in an age before elastic. (Think garter belt + thigh-high stockings.) Finally, I edited the alpha so that the gap between hose and braies now shows the skin.

If the man is wearing a skin-tight untuckable T-shirt, then some of the top may be visible in the gap, as if it were tucked into the braies. Not much I can do about that, but I don't know why your medieval man would be dressed like that anyway.


My Terms

As usual, you can do anything you want with these except for uploading them to paysites or claiming them as your own. Credit is appreciated.


Wawa said...

What a fantastic anniversary gift, Lothere. These are absolutely magnificent. I'm lovin' the new look in undies too. Showing a little skin never hurt anyone! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Lothere, I love you. The medieval simming community is wayyy too lacking in good male clothing, and all of this is AWESOME.

Sam/Brave Old World

Ann said...

Oh they are fabulous! Absolutely fantastic! <3<3<3
Thank you so so much! I love them all!

Heloise said...

Snagging those LBB's is making my day! Thanks, Lothere. These are simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, they will get some use from my game. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

These are beyond fantastic Lothere, I can't believe all the time and detail that you must've put into them! Thank you!!!

~ Dominiquex