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September 10, 2011


Well, the cathedral I had in mind, finally turned out to be a small abbey. :P
Nevertheless, it should meet all religious demands of your christian parish.
If you turn this community lot (you've voted!) into residential, there'll also be room
for a fellowship of monks or nuns and their herb garden.
This lot was built with all EPs up to Seasons installed.
IMPORTANT: I used raynuss's repositoried version of The Gothic Arch Pillars (by mio331, Modthesims). If you have mio's original files, you must delete those before you download this lot!

Included free items
Shining Hanging Lamp (HugeLunatic)
Grave Stones (jon119)
Book Holder, Gate, Fence, Roof Decor, Sarcophagus, Floor (Kativip)
Gothic Arch Pillars (mio331), see note above!
Floor (my-mushup)
Floor (Salix)
Wall (Yuxi)
Red Japanese Roof (mia86)
Decorative Chimneys (Sunni)
Wooden Stairs (Numenor), Scriptorium NOT required
Chalice (Aroundthesims)
Tablecloth (sims2.die-gerwerts; closed)
Fairytale Romance Doors (Parsimonious)
Montrance, Bible, Tomb3, Prayer Stool for Bench, Altar (Simsdesignavenue)
Walls and recolours (Lama)

Pay Items
Confessional, Prayer Stool (Simsdesignavenue) > Themes > Church
Gothic Double Window (Cyclonesue)


Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful!!!, congratulations Lady Lama.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your lots are amazing! This is the best yet. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely creation.


Wawa said...

Excellent job Ingrid! I can hear the Gregorian chants already!

Lama said...

@Román: Hi, thank you and nice to see you're back!
@Sunni: Thanks! I'm afraid, I don't have enough EPs for building a big cathedral :(
@Wawa: Good idea! Simply put some gregorian chants (mp3 files) into EAGames/The Sims2/Music/Radio Folder, then place a radio in the hall and "Here we go!"

Meshy said...

Gorgeous!! Lama, you are truly an artist!

Sucréomiel said...

Wonderful lot as usual !

lothere said...

Beautiful and inspiring as always.

Ozy said...

Aw, this lot has things from the stuff packs, doesn't it.
I was so excited because I suck at building lots (especially abbeys)but I don't have any of the stuff packs (all the actual ep's though). Is the stuff pack stuff (that's hilarious sounding) terribly important?
It's a lovely lot, all the same.

Lama said...

Hi Ozy! Stuff packs? I don't think I have any objects of them included, or which objects do you mean?

Ozy said...

The sims2pack installer thing told me I didn't have all the needed expansions but the only things I don't have are the stuff packs. The stuff packs are family fun, glamour life, celebration, H&M, teen style, kitchen and bath interior design, and IKEA home stuff.

Lama said...

That's odd. I have Uni, OFB, Nightlife, Pets and Seasons installed. Also, I have Holiday and Glamour Life stuff packs. I'm sure you can have this lot in your game without any problems.
I would suggest to download the latest version of CleanInstaller and try again.

Ozy said...

Oh! Yay! That worked perfectly, thank you. I'm going to make some monks now...

Lama said...


Anonymous said...

I played this lot last night and just wanted to tell you how much I love it! It's simple yet beautiful, and you did a great job decorating. Thank you!

Lama said...

This is nice to hear, Amy!
Actually, I'm never sure, whether or not a lot is playable for others.
At least this one obviously is.

Dannydarkoarts said...

I intsall this lot under my documents/ea games/the sims 2/ packagelots and when i start upthe game i cant find it under the lots. If anyone knows what the problem let me know thanks

Lama said...

Hi Danny, perhaps THIS tutorial can help.
Make sure you have all the required EPs.

Amy said...

Any idea where the repositored version of the columns are? The link you have isn't working and I would love to have them?

Lama said...

Hi Amy, the link has become invalid, because Raynuss' posts have been removed and are no longer available to the public. But, those repositoried columns are included with the download. Just download the file and select what you want, in case you don't want to install the whole lot.