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September 02, 2011

Townhall/ Market Hall (Community Lot)

The townhall had always been a trading place as well. Some rooms were dedicated to council affairs, yet the biggest part was occupied by traders, merchants and sutlers.
The lot was build with all EPs up to Seasons installed.
Included free items:
Imperial Lamps, Pirate Bay Windows, FairyTaleRomance Arch by Parsimonious
Fable Door by Yagami
Floors and Wall by Kativip (Garden of Shadows)
Modular stairs by Numenor (Scriptorium NOT required)
Walls and recolours by Lama
Floor by Phaenoh (MTS)

Pay items:
Hammerhead Beams by MsBarrows (TSR)
Latia Sideboard by nanu (TSR)
Barn Columns by WoodForSims


Artimis said...

Is there going to de a redentaily version of this lot?

Lama said...

Artimis, you can change the zoning type of lots, in this case from community to residential, by using a cheat. Read here.
You will need a buyable trashcan and mailbox, if you change from community to residential (follow info in the link above).

lothere said...

Breathtaking, as usual!