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October 03, 2011

Cassandre's Christmas Fireplace Recolour

Today, I made a "Cingath" retexture of Cassandre's Christmas2010 Fireplace.
If you wonder about a wooden fireplace: In earlier times,
people had knowledge of those special days (lunar calendar), when to
cut down trees, that would yield fireproof timber.
Mesh is included. Thank you, Cassandre!


Yavanna said...

Thank you. This recolour is very nice.
By to way, where i can find that chair?

And sorry about my bad english, it just not my home language.

Lama said...

Yavanna, you can download the chair (throne) HERE

Yavanna said...

Thank you very mauch! :D

Linda said...

Beautiful! Is the dog in the pic deco or from pets?

Wawa said...

Hey Linda.

I believe the dog is part of the sets created by Kativip .... a sculpture. You should find them here. Scroll down the page to the City series.

Lama said...

LOL, it's not a dog, but a sheep/lamb - a recolour I made of Blackypanther's sheep, available on this blog under Decoration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!! Whatever it is dog or lamb, it's as cute as can be!!