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October 15, 2011

Old Frame Walls "White"

White version of my "OldFrameWall". Filed under Sidings.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid.
How did you get that effect in the sky you see in the picture?

Lama said...

Hi Román,
You can change the colour of the sky by using the following objects:
C7 Weather by Danicast
C7 Weather by Vicky
You can have both objects in your folder, but don't use both on the same lot.
They are located in the Buy catalogue under "Lighting" and look like small lightblue hemispheres.
Place the object on the ground of a lot, outside of buildings.
Important: Set the Neighbourhood view to maximum, or you won't see anything!
In play mode, you click on the sky and choose from a pie menue.
To remove the object, "grab" it from the sky.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ingrid!!!