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November 20, 2011

The Well-Dressed Viking

Thirteen color variations of iamliz13's Russian Viking Style Tunic for Adult Males.

The Well-Dressed Viking

Clothes for the well-to-do Viking-era Norseman: freshly dyed in authentic medieval colors, and in flashy though sometimes ill-advised color combinations.

The Well-Dressed Viking

The only significant change to iamliz13's texture is the addition of Viking-style leg wraps between the shoe and the knee. (Click on any of the pictures to get a larger view.) I also added silver clasps to the shoes and a new silver belt buckle to most of the outfits.

The Well-Dressed Viking

Appears in Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Outerwear.

Files are named according to the colors, and preview pictures are included in the download so you can delete the outfits you don't want.



As with iamliz's original terms, you can do what you want with these except put them on paysites.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely, thank you! Almost makes me want to start a viking hood!

Wawa said...

I love the bright colours :P.

(but that's a given for me I guess LOL )

Anonymous said...

I am terribly sorry, but mts mesh is broken. Would you please be so kind and place it with your recolours?

Lama said...

Anonymous, it's not broken.
You have to register and log in to MTS. Only way to download from there.

medieval outfit said...

Lovely! I love the blending of colors.


Lorene Holderfield said...

Ahhh, will there be more "The Well-Dressed Viking" clothing? I REALLY love this theme for both genders and all ages! I love them sooo much that I was resolved to have only "The Well-Dressed Viking" clothing in my Medieval 'Hood. >:)

-- Edorenel

lothere said...

I suppose you have seen TWDV II, III, and IV? I haven't posted them at the Smithy (err... yet) but they are on my own site:

I do want to make some more items in this series, especially for girls and women. Real life is keeping me very busy right now, but I already have some ideas for after my classes are finished. Stay tuned!