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January 26, 2012

16th Century Portraits for TDC95

TDC95 had made a request for portrait paintings from the 16th Century. So, I hope you'll like the one's I chose. I have 60 in all.
I forgot to include the meshes in the files so you need to download Antique Painting Mesh, and Two Story Paintings, high format, extra large and large by Julsfels.
Slideshow of some portraits and the different sizes available for them ingame

Slideshow of the 60 portraits used.

Note: The images in the slideshow, which I used in making the recolours in SimPE, have been reversed in order to appear true to the original portraits ingame.

Download Here
The download contains 3 separate zip-files to extract. Each zip contains the .package file and the portrait image to allow choosing those you wish to keep. The .package file name and image name is the same for easier deleting.


Lama said...

@TDC: Wawa had to cancel his Anno gameplay last night and overcome his laziness to get the pictures done ;)
I hope you will greatly appreciate his sacrifice !!!

Lama said...

(Wawa, you may delete the post above.)
Wawa, this is another awesome post.
Everything looks fabulous.
I knew you wouldn't stint with number of recolours and number of presented pictures.
Thank you!

Wawa said...

LOL .... Ingrid, I think I'll leave that comment in :P

The simming world may come to a halt for me ... I just bought the Gothic Bundle and Witcher 2.

Nice knowing y'all (heeheehee) ... now back to Anno!

Anonymous said...

(it's Sunni - I just never log in :P )

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing that Lama mentioned - How did you tear yourself away from the gaming long enough to pull off this excellent project!? They look perfect and I'm definitely grabbing them up xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey wawa its TDC95 0_0 these are amazing thank you :D I love them so much!!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for doing this :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Evelyn said...

Wawa these are all amazing. Thanks for overcoming one of the 7 deadly sins (I am still working on that)...I love this, thank you!

StephSim said...

I'm so loving these. Yeah for 16th Century artistry! Thank you Walter. Andrea's meshes are awesome and I especially like that Frame 13 is a Tapestry Frame!

You chose well. I shall use and abuse these that I'm organizing in a way that makes all things easy access when building.


G-Knee said...

WOW!!! Another fabulous display of artistry, by both the originals and the original Wawa! ;)
Thank you for these beauties!
Did a 2 story tapestry depicting earlier, like 11th-13th century, ever manage to cross your desk? And if so, where might one find it?

Wawa said...

They hadn't G, but mysteriously a new folder has opened in my project list :P

G-Knee said...

YAY!!! I'm sooo excited!!!!! :D
Thanks for your generosity and creativeness, my friend!!!
I'll await with bated breath! ;)