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February 15, 2012

The Jewel House Collection -- continued

The Jewel Books .. or Catalogues
Catalogue One: The mesh is by Simbecile@BPS, which is included in the download file. The recolours are 38 pages (catalogues) from "The Jewel Book of Ann of Bavaria".
Catalogue Two: This mesh is the Bible from the Church set at SimsDesignAvenue ... again the mesh is included. This time only 12 pages (catalogues) from The Jewel Book of Ann of Bavaria (one of which I missed in picture-taking).
Download The Jewel Book -- Simbecile@BPS -Found under Decorative>>Sculptures.
Download The Jewel Book -- SDA -Found under Decorative>>Sculptures.
Jewelled Goblets and Plates
The meshes required are from Eva's PBK Tavern Participation Prize download .... recolours made of the clay plate, tin goblet 1 and the clay goblet (which recolours the clay bowl, clay tankard and tin goblet 2). I haven't included the meshes so you will need to grab them at the PlumbBob Keep. (You'll want the set btw ... it's amazing!!).
Download Goblets and Plates -Found under Decorative>>Miscellaneous
The Jewel Caskets and Jewellery Boxes.
The Jewel Caskets: From a mesh by Sandy at AroundTheSims2, the Holy Oils from her church set, mesh is included in the download file. The Jewellery Boxes: From an animated mesh by JS at Vitasims ... from the Casablanca bedroom .... ten jewel boxes with animated options of "open casket/close casket/view casket". Each with an image of one of the necklace/earring sets I created for this project. The mesh is included in the download file.
Download Jewel Caskets-ATS-Found under Decorative>>Sculptures
Download Jewellery Boxes-VS-Found under Hobbies>>Fun.
The Collectors Plates
From a mesh by Holy Simoly, the mesh is included in the download file.
Download Collector's Plates -Found under Decorative>>Sculptures
And .... as a bonus .... a gift Michelle made me from a request I made of her. You may have noticed them on the tables scattered around the shop!?! A tabletop/vanity mirror!!! With full animation options even. After seeing the miniatures she had done, I got to thinking ..... wouldn't it be cool to have the large mirror stands reduced to fit on a table.
Download Tabletop Vanity Mirror by Michelle -Found under Mirrors.
Next post .... The Lot!!

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