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February 15, 2012

The Jewel House Collection

I had posted this earlier at PBK for the Guild Wares contest. Lama had hoped I'd upload it here too for those that aren't members at PlumbBob Keep. The actual lot will be posted in a new topic following this post.
As I quoted at PBK:
I've created 19 full jewel sets featuring a tiara, necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring from various jewel sites but predominently influenced by East Indian jewel designs. In my readings I had come across an article mentioning that the rulers of India were hugely influenced by the designs created in Europe during the Medieval/Renaissance periods, incorporating these features into their magnificent jewels. Hence the use of sets from India for some of the pieces depicted. But, not only were the medieval jewellers skilled in necklaces and earrings, they created other objects to display the wealth of the nobility. The House of Jewels features small jewel caskets, drinking goblets in gold with precious gems, gilded and engraved platters and jewellery displays of tiaras, necklaces, pendants and earrings. All created to embellish the homes of your royals and nobility.
The Interior Jewel Shop Area -- Ground Floor
The Royal Collection of Jewels
Utilizing Lianna's jewel set meshes, a variety of necklaces and earrings with matching bracelets and rings. The matching tiaras use a mesh created by Windkeeper.
Download Royal Collection of Jewels -- meshes included.
Jewellery Displays--Trays and Tiara on a Pillow 
Found under Miscellaneous>>Miscellaneous
This is a mesh that Sunni was fabulous in editing for me. I had wanted a way to display the tiara, so she had taken the windkeeper tiara mesh and edited it onto the tiara pillow mesh. Thus, I could have a display for each tiara in the Royal Collection. The mesh edit by Sunni is included in the download file. (The original mesh came from SimsConnection's Bridal shop .... the original mesh is SC-bridalshoptiara.package. IF you have this set, please delete that one file from your CC.)

Found under Decorative>>Miscellaneous
The original is a mesh by Steffor for the Berber Shop at Avalon. I edited the mesh, deleting all the references to the glass texture found in the original. (Sunni double-checked that I had done this correctly in SimPE.) If you have this set, please let mine overwrite (or delete) the file called "steffor-berbershop-schmuck" from your folders as the name is the same as the original. The mesh is included in the download file.
Download Jewellery Displays--Trays and Tiara on a Pillow, meshes included.
To Be Continued


Anonymous said...

Hi its TDC95 aka the regal sims, (im just to lazy to log in :p) Awesome job, more jewelry for our sims to wear is always good

Meshy said...

YAY! I freaking love these! (in case I haven't said so already!) I recently went through all my accessories... I had to keep these!