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March 17, 2012

Casa de Conversano

This has been sitting in my uploads folder for what seems like forever. Why have I not uploaded it before you ask? Because I'm pretty busy with school, and when I'm not busy with school I'm a slacker. I also tend to forget about items I'm not currently using, and this lot was one of them. I built this castle long ago when I was playing a more international hood, it was built for my Count of Conversano, which is located near the heel of the boot in Italy. The town is mostly built in a white stone, but with this lot I let my imagination blossom, and gave it a more Arabian/Middle Eastern feel to it. It you currently have any Crown Princes or Sultans, this lot will do quite nicely for them.
Here in Conversano the sun is almost always shining, and winds are warm and people sit besides the pools and eat fruits and bathe in the spas. The castle is fitted up with the most modern pluming system, so your sims will be in the height of luxury. Certainly it's a break from my more dreary English lots. I hope you enjoy it! It will be one of the last lots I upload.


Lama said...

Thank you for posting, Amy!
To me it looks Moorish. In any case, it fits the medieval theme.

Anonymous said...

Which EP's does this lot require? Love it.

Lama said...

Sorry, Amy, the editing tool isn't working at the moment (Blogger problem).

child_of_air said...

Sorry, I have all expansion packs. :)