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March 07, 2012

Spiral Candle Holder

Again, new mesh! The creating of this candle holder drove me nuts, but it was well worth the hair pulling. Big Thanks to Eva for helping me with the flame!!!
It's basegame and found under Deco > Miscellaneous.
Caution: Polycount is madly high (3776), because beginners don't care about that :D


Lorene Holderfield said...

Oooo! VERY nice! :D I love how it looks and I love the soft, relaxing glow of the flickering flame. I cannot wait to use this in my game. :) I thank ye very much!

Eva said...

Oh, that's why there's that thing sticking out the side! Thanks Ingrid :D

BonnieLaurel said...

Sweet - I always want those candle holders when I see them in RL. Now my simmies can have them, at least!

G-Knee said...

Well Done Ingrid!!! :D
The candle looks AMAZING!!!
Thank you for persevering and seeing it thru to the end!

And thank you Eva for helping her!

riekus13 said...

I hope you still have some hairs left, because this is gorgeous!(We want more....)
Thank you, Ingrid!!!

Evelyn said...

Beautiful, you are on a roll Ingrid!

Lama said...

Thank you for encouraging me!
I love candles and will try to do more.
Sorry, this one has become very highpoly, but shouldn't be a problem with new computers.