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April 14, 2012

Set "Turner" Part II

As the title says, here's the second part of my simmified objects from Doug Turner's site. Though I prefer modeling my own objects, I couldn't resist to make these for Sims 2. All meshes are basegame compatible. Polycount ranges from 14 to 1434.
Desk: found under Dining Tables, 300 $
Drawer Cabinet: Deco > Miscellaneous, 400 $
Sideboard: Deco > Miscellaneous, 250 $
Trunks (1 Recolour): Deco > Miscellaneous, 50 & 250 $
War Shield (4 Recolours): under Wall Hangings, 150 $
I have included two OMSPs by julsfels from her SLAK set. They match the cabinet and sideboard.


Yuxi said...

Oh my, how gorgeous! I adore all the intricate little details. Thank you for these!

Anonymous said...

I love everything !! Off to download !!

I hate to be a bother but the windows in the photo seem to be a bigger version of the ones from university (I think) could you please tell where you got them ?

Lama said...

@ Yuxi: Thank you! Well, details come only with the texture, or else polycount would raise up too high.
@ Anonymous: The window is from Get it HERE under Objects > expansion pack objects > page 4

Tara said...

Thank you Ingrid, love these sweetheart! Your hard work is appreciated :)

riekus13 said...

Oh, these are just so gorgeous!
Thank you, Ingrid!!!

Anonymous said...

The items and textures are really beautiful, but I'm confused why you made certain pieces as deco when they could have been much more useful as surfaces. The trunks would have been perfect as coffee tables.

Lama said...

@Anonymous: And I made them as coffee tables before, but wasn't content with the low height of the surface. If I had made them higher, I would have had to change slot height as well, but it was too complicated for me(I'm fairly new to all this).
That's why I made them deco only.
You can use OMSPs to place objects on them, though.
I always try to create "usable" objects, but in some cases I simply lack of meshing experience.

Anonymous said...

Can you please please please make recolors of the textures for all the objects here? I simply adore them but I would love to have more options.

Lama said...

When you said "recolours of the textures", did you mean shades like pookleting, or different textures?
If you meant pookleting, I can't do that for I'm dumb when it comes to working with Photoshop.
Putting different textures on them won't be easy. Perhaps I will give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I meant just recoloring the same textures into different shades- doesn't have to be pooklet but I would love to see some different colors. Maybe matching the colors Maxis uses for the medieval set that came with university? Or just various shades of gray, brown, and black.

judith said...

Ingrid, what a beautiful set of furniture, thanks and big hugs, judith.