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August 22, 2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary -- Part Deux :P

As it says, Part 2 of the wall panels and "mock" tapestries utilizing the graffiti mesh by pacotacoplayer
Download Courtly Love Panels 31-60

Download Courtly Love Tapestries 31-60


Anonymous said...

A happy birthday for your wonderful site. Thanks for all these beautiful creations !!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Are those dresses in the pic available for download?

Wawa said...


If you're a member at PlumbBob Keep, they are in this post. If not, I can post them all here in the next few days. :)

StephSim said...

I love the idea behind these Wawa. Very well executed. :)

My favourites are the tapestries, as they have the folds that give them that 3D sort of look. Thanks for sharing my friend!