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September 20, 2012


I found this free 3D model on the web and turned it into a Sims 2 object. It's cloned from Echo's Rug and requires at least one EP. Polycount: 9094, spread on 12 tiles. Found under Deco > Miscellaneous (800 S). Note: There's a flaw with parts of the cloth missing; I wasn't able to fix it.


Herr B said...

M'lady Lama, I bow to your increasing talent... and the filling by your of my seige weapons folder. *lol*

Evelyn said...

Wow Ingrid, you HAVE been busy! Thanks for all the nice stuff and I have downloaded everything. Now I just need to get into the game again, have been busy designing Steampunk, but this will help me get back to my medieval methinks!

Alraris said...

This looks stunning... I love trebuchets since Age of Empires II. And I love Your textures. Combining trebuchet with Your textures is making me even more happy :D