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September 23, 2012

Wine Barrel

Somehow I like decorating with barrels, they create such a rustic atmosphere.
Here's a large-volume barrel for your wine cellars. Found under Sculptures for 500 S. Polycount: 4392, spread on four tiles. Basegame compatible.


Herr B said...


I do belive this barrel is larger than the barrel in the ATS Cellar set.

A great Ton of Tun! lol (okay, i probably used tun incorrectly. i was in the moment)

Thank You, m'lady Lama, for such a object update. It truely will look great in the wine celler.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Can we have recolors?

Anonymous said...

Holy @#$%!

I prefer downloading objects less than 800 poly-counts per tile. This is ridiculous, man. It's like having 1000 poly-counts per tile. Even for one tile, these objects are on the higher end of the spectrum!

Lama said...

Hi Anonymous! About polycount, the barrel has little more than 1000 polys per tile. If you look at Maxis' objects you will see, that many of them have a good deal more than that. You can see that e.g. when you place too many trees on your lot, some PCs will crash. You won't run into problems with your machine, when you place a few high-poly objects on your lot. Btw, I'm one of the few creators, who name polycounts of their meshes. I'm sure you have many high-poly objects in your Downloads folder, of which you don't know they are, unless you've checked each of them with SimPe. Nowadays, most users have better machines than couple years ago, when low poly stuff used to be created. I want higher quality in my game, no blurry clutter.

Anonymous said...

Most of my stuff in my Downloads folder are downloaded from the official EA site. :P

Lama said...

Oh, you've never discovered the fabulous stuff from forums and other sites? You may take a look in the sidebar and check some links.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion. But I actually like playing with a game with minimal CC.

I do make my own CC, though, using Bodyshop and Homecrafter Plus and Objects Workshop/Wizards of SimPE.

I just like the Maxis style. Some of the Maxis-match stuff aren't exactly close to Maxis. :P

Sherahbim said...

these are awesome Lama! i love big barrels, and as usual you make the most beautiful quality items! you truly are my favorite object maker, your creations never disappoint!

thank you so much for all your hard work, it is well worth it, and always looks incredible!