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October 26, 2012

Gloihniche Deuwel

In celtic times, the turnip was the forerunner of Halloween pumpkins (which were only cultivated in America). On the eve of Samhain, lit turnip lanterns were being placed on fence posts, to prevent the wanderer from being mislead to the otherworld. Additionally, they were used as protection of homes, to scare away evil spirits and to invite the spirits of ancestors for a night meal.
The lantern is found under Deco > Miscellaneous for 5 Simoleons. Basegame. Polycount: 1334. Included are five recolours.


Andrax said...

Da bleibt nur eins: ein gesegnetes Samhain!!! :)

Mögen die Ahnen nicht schlecht von uns denken!

Chris said...

Das ist einfach wunderbar Ingrid, in deiner Arbeit steckt soviel Liebe zum Detail, ich bin begeistert.
Liebe Grüße Chris

Tyllerö said...

Uuu! This ones are kind of cute :D. I would like one for my self :>