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October 24, 2012

Rolling the Dice

I made this mainly for story tellers: A beautiful leather dice cup with bone dice.
Found under Deco > Miscellaneous for 30 Simoleons. Polycount: 902. Basegame compatible. Three recolours included.
(The two dice are not stacked - just a bad shooting angle.)


Anonymous said...

I didn't notice that two dice looked like stacked together before you mention it. But now it really looks like one is stacked on another's head XDDDD, so funny!

Thank you Lama for sharing so many goodies, they are really goooood!! (My English is not very good, sorry :P)

Anonymous said...

I like your creations, Lady Lama. Even though some of them work a bit funny in-game. For example, the closets are never really animated, so Sims will look like they are *opening nothing* and - voila - magic clothes! Maxis closets on the other hand actually look like they are being opened before the clothes magically appear on the Sims. Eh... it's good and impressive enough.

Your name always reminds me of real llamas. Weird.

I am wondering if you would allow me or other people to attach a tag or little button that advertises similar websites containing medieval-themed content.

Lama said...

Thanks for your comments, Anonymous & Anonymous! Ah, well, the dressers, they are some of the first objects I've done and my skills and knowledge of meshing was rather little then. CC making is very challenging, especially animated objects, and I'm already happy, when my stuff doesn't cause game crashes :D

Regarding advertising other websites, if you mean Sims 2 sites, you're welcome to give us names and links (not using HTML tags!) under "Contact Lady Lama" (see sidebar). (However, I thought I knew all sites with medieval content.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are the best!
Thank you, thank you for you work!
I just few days ago thought about medieval games in Sims, especially dice, for some fotos.
It's fantastic!

Lama said...

I found the bread download link!