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January 16, 2013

Medieval Roof

This is a new roof mesh for 6 x 9 tiles buildings. However, you can combine several objects for bigger houses as well. Place them with "moveobjects on" cheat on the next floor. The bottom comes with a planks texture each, creating the effect of wood ceiling. Basegame compatible. Polycount: 132. Found under Sculptures for 10 Simoleons. Four recolours included.


Nonni said...

I love these roofs. They make an awesome addition to my game. I have already placed it In the Spotlight at Affinity! Hugs, Nonni

Andrax said...

Hübschi!!!! Tolle Alternative zu den Ermelind-Dächern! Gleich abgreifen!!! :D

Anonymous said...

The roofs look great! However, I do have a quick question: if you add a floor to the floor above (the one the roof will sit on), do you still need to use moveobjects on?

Thanks, m'lady!

Lama said...

Thanks Nonni for featuring!
Danke, Andreas!
Morgaine, since the roof is cloned from a sculpture, it should be placeable without the cheat.

StephSim said...


I am once again catching up on your shared gifts. It's wonderful to have more options with roofs. Since these have a unique look, it will make medieval neighbourhoods a bit more realistic having the variety. Thank you. :)