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February 11, 2013

Duke Thrones

Hope you don't mind this does not quite fit into the medieval era. The high throne is an extracted object of "Duke Nukem Forever", which I found on the web. I also made a lower version and added five recolours. Big thanks to Eva, who made them repository for me/ us to reduce file size. The low throne is the Master mesh.
Polycount: 1614, basegame, found under Armchairs.


Sneazy said...

1614 polygon counts for a single-tile chair! Compared to 800 polys-per-tile, this would probably be on the high end. It's twice as much as 800. :P

I wonder on which particular site and from whom you downloaded the mesh. As far as I can tell, you just labelled "downloaded off the web". That could either imply that the download is created by an anonymous user, or you may have not credited properly when credit is due.

Lama said...

Hi Sneazy, even Maxis/ EA themselves exceed the 800-per-tile on numerous occasions. For example, the one-tiled Tiki armchair has 1580 polys.
As long as you don't place a heap of these armchairs on your lot, nothing will happen.
I know when credits are due. This object is taken from a 3D models sharing site ( where people can freely download and use stuff for commercial and noncommercial use.

Sneazy said...

I am going to take that as a "No, you cannot sell these chairs in businesses," since in a business one probably buy a bunch of these chairs and sell them.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Have a great day! :-D

Lama said...

So go and place a bunch of the Tiki chairs on your lot, see what's happening. It's EA's stuff. Of course it depends on your machine. My first PC couldn't handle the game when I placed many trees on the lot, or even used Murano's Mirror Floor. It freezed and crashed. Today's computers, which are made for today's games, can easily handle higher poly objects. The very reason why I give the number of polygons in my posts is to let the users decide, whether they download or not. Not all creators do that, and you would be surprised or even startled to see the polycount of some of your favourite objects.

Sneazy said...

Well, that just gives a reason not to add so many Tiki chairs on the lot, depending how the strong the hardware is, how old it is, and what the computer is used for. Some people may use the computer for things other than computer games. ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish this was a dining chair instead of a living chair, so I could put it behind my grumpy old noble lord's desk. That would be nicely intimidating.

Lama said...

the reason why I haven't created it as a dining chair is its polycount. People would end up placing thirty chairs around their festive table and then cry about a freezing or crashing game.