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July 03, 2013

By Divine Right: Coronation Crowns

(As posted at PlumbBob Keep for the 2nd Anniversary in March ..... requested by Mary K for posting here)
Happy 2nd Anniversary PBK!!
Coronation Regalia
A Co-Project by Wawa and Cynnix
I had been playing around in Milkshape and decided to create my version of St Edward's Crown, the coronation crown of the British Monarchy. It skewed into making pieces from that so we now have 4 crown types for our Royal Families.
Cynnix did the hard part! She created all the package files so they would show up in our games. They are wearable by all ages .... Elder to Toddler so you can find them under Glasses in Accessories. But be forewarned! A proper crown would have a simple hair .... so use one that is somewhat close to the head (Mind you that statement would be far from true knowing some of the queens that I do .... big hair, big sparklie hat!)
So, from Wawa and Cynnix -- By Divine Right, Coronation Crowns.

                                                                 The Royal Family
                                                             Full Crown with Ermine
                                                             Full Crown No Ermine
                                                         Crown with Ermine & No Ermine
                                                                              for Female Teens
                                                                           Female Child
                                                                        Male Teens
                                                                       Male Child


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Very nicely constructed and textured. Though, I would like it to be more Maxis-match. Maybe make the metal part of the crown shinier and brighter, and make the non-metal furry part of the crown lighter in tone. And maybe make the jewels like the jewels that belong to the H&M Fashion clothing -- hand-painted and vivid in color.

Evelyn said...

Simply beautiful!

Mary Jane said...

Thank you so much for uploading these! I have been looking for these for a while now. Beautiful work.

Mary K said...

Oh Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

lilmisadiva08 said...

you are lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel said...

These are what I wanted all along for my Royal family, but the only problem I have is that I cannot, wear the crowns and facial hair at the same time, how can I over come this

Wawa said...

Sorry Daniel. Can you try this link for the meshes and this link for the recolours. I had make a fixed version after rugratOne mentioned how to change it, but I may have only changed the links at the PlumbBob Keep and forgot about these ones. Let me know if they worked and I'll fix the link in the main post.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the advice Wawa the Recolours work, thanks for that, also I saw you had a Papal tiara in progress, will that be made for sims 2 as I have a pope and not papal tiara and I can't find anything that I want then other on here lol, but thanks again

Anna Potiy said...

The crowns look really great! Like them. :)