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September 13, 2013

SimArchitect's Lyre Arm Settee (Edited / Updated)

VuokkoSims had made a request over at GoS, (inaccessible at this writing), for some recolours of SimArchitect's Lyre Arm Settee. I decided to give it a go. I ended up having to re-map the mesh to allow for easier recolouring, re-did the cushions, and resized it to allow for the mesh's animations for sitting, lounging etc. Not perfect mind you ... but then neither am I. The only strange thing about the animation is .... the Sim scoots to the right side of the settee to stand up again. Not my fault, I swear!
 photo f5bd8c42-4939-4cc9-b87e-a3f751de8dcc_zps2ca9d4de.jpg
 photo 42f8e941-8855-40b1-8f60-3708ed0b6ee4_zps69bf4728.jpg
 photo 2e2616e5-057f-4018-95b7-a816f2593b50_zps19a698d5.jpg
The newly edited / updated mesh has two subsets like the original except mine combined the frame and seat into one subset and the pillows are the second subset allowing for more recolour choices .... a good thing!
For this upload, I've used CuriousB's colour actions, but since I only own GIMP it's more a bucket fill over various textures. I hope the colours will be close to her colour palette.
A small teaser of some of those recolours. The rest you'll have to download to see for yourself.
 photo adonis-gold_zps998b73e1.png photo bluebell-gold_zps47b16ef2.png photo appleblossom-gold_zps9fc18543.png photo aubergine-gold_zps243b5b6f.png photo custard-gold_zps37896b4a.png photo cove-gold_zps28b82d48.png and lastly, the texture used in the mesh photo camel-gold_zpsa60ce249.png thus making 43 sofa colour choices!
The cushion colours I used for these recolours.
 photo blush_zps11299d1a.png photo cobalt_zps93170ba9.png photo cushion-blue_zpsddca2ffd.png photo cushion-red_zps91bd821b.png photo cabarnet_zps97d18b51.png photo dark_azure_zps4291fcfa.png photo emerald_zps47d65668.png photo jet_zps15e0e778.png photo marigold_zps15fc1f65.png photo rust_zps18353318.png photo gold_zps6037dc66.png photo pale_sage_zpscee75b41.png
Download the New Mesh. If you have SimArchitect's original mesh in your Downloads folder, please allow this one to overwrite it.
Lyre Arm Settee using CuriousB's Colours. You must download the mesh above for these recolours to work.
Huge Thanks to SimArchitect for creating the original in the first place .... and to CuriousB for that fabulous colour palette.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I love the textures and how you edited the mesh, I can't wait to see it in game, again, thank you! ♥

Anonymous said...

I think the end table's textures look better than the lounge chair. They look more vivid in color - brown is brown, and gold is gold. The lounge chair, on the other hand, has a nice fabric texture, but the frame does not seem to give a shred of hint on what type of material it is. It looks like rusty metal or really weird red wood. The mesh is gorgeous, though. Let's just hope that this lounge chair actually works smoothly in-game!

I may try downloading it and recoloring the frame part, reusing and recycling Maxis dark wood textures.