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October 04, 2013

The Queen's Chambers

Utilizing the Illuminated Manuscript by Giovanni Boccaccio with the title De claris mulieribus in an anonymous French translation (Le livre de femmes nobles et renommées), I thought I would try my hand at some walls for you to decorate your noble and famous ladies' chambers. A massive amount of them to be exact .... 96 in all, emulating the beauty of the manuscripts' paintings from the link above in a faded and worn effect. The wall panels aren't in chronological order as in the manuscript itself, but you can try to determine what famous lady each represents and then google who they are/were.
So, I'd like to present The Queen's Chambers. So why would you need them all?! Well, to decorate a whole suite of rooms for your ladies, of course!!
 photo 2_zpsbc1966c6.png photo 3_zpsc9af605b.png photo 1_zpsfcf2c9ff.png photo 4_zps50f734db.png
Slideshow of all the Panels.
wawa180859's Chambers Panels album on Photobucket

OR ... the thumbnails!
 photo panel1-5_zpsff5e38cd.png photo panel6-10_zps25768209.png photo panel11-15_zpsc75edf3c.png photo panel16-20_zps11c934fe.png photo panel21-25_zpsf5802a76.png photo panel26-30_zps753d8e40.png photo panel31-35_zps150cc9df.png photo panel36-40_zps440dd9e9.png photo panel41-45_zps490f82d1.png photo panel46-50_zps49d0fee0.png photo panel51-55_zps7ab45ae2.png photo panel56-60_zps9232aa6e.png photo panel61-65_zps543a9c14.png photo panel66-70_zps0092a0d4.png photo panel71-75_zps25d3b3da.png photo panel76-80_zps55411838.png photo panel81-85_zpse49f70a6.png photo panel86-90_zps45243f82.png photo panel91-93_zpsdeeba3a5.png photo panel94-96_zpsae03484b.png
Found under "Poured Walls" for $20 simoleons. I hope your Noble Ladies will enjoy their "Court Painter's Handiwork"
Panels 1 to 25, Panels 26 to 50, Panels 51 to 75, and Panels 76 to 96


Lama said...

Wow! A marvellous combination of fresco, panelling and drapery. Who could ask for more. Thanks for another awesome set of yours!

Anonymous said...

This wallpaper seems to be fitting for a room from the Renaissance time period. The elaborate design and luxurious colors imply a lot of monetary wealth, presumably accumulated by families over the ages.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would love it if creators had taken the time and effort in creating new content descriptions. Witty content descriptions seem to be lacking in the realm of Custom Content.

In contrast, all the custom content I create have modified descriptions, price tags, and titles.

Wawa said...

@Anonymous .... LOL, I'll ask you for some of those witty descriptions next time I make a large set of something. :P

Anonymous said...

"Court Painter's Handiwork"
Cost: $20
Description: In the Italian Renaissance, King Amarello commissioned the painter Giovanni Abbadelli, a humble painter of a nearby monastery, to construct 96 different murals for the cathedral. After working several days on the project, Giovanni finally presented his work to the King, and much to the King's delight, was handsomely rewarded a large pension. To this day, the Abbadelli mural survives and is optimized in your very own home!

Wawa said...

Nicely written :P

I know. I know. We are all just too lazy to make that effort. I'll do better next time :P

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add a dash of humor! The best ones, in my opinion, match those silly descriptions created by Electronic Arts people themselves.

StephSim said...

This is an amazing set! I love having all of the wondrous colours and exquisite detailing. "Try" your hands at walls indeed! With you eye for the gorgeously ornate and your keen perfectionist flare, I suspect that you can add a bit of awesomeness to any walls!

Love to you and TY :)