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February 19, 2014

Crossbow & Flying Machine

Here I come with two extracted objects from Assassin's Creed: Crossbow (Polycount 1230), found under Deco > Miscellaneous for 263 § and the Flying Machine (Polycount 5868 on 4 tiles), found under Deco > Sculptures for 500 §.
All credits to Ubisoft.


Wawa said...

Okay, spill it. How did you extract them from Assassin's Creed? I have almost all the games and have looked for info, which I have apparently failed miserably at.

Nice job!! Thought I better mention that :P

Evelyn said...

Eeek!!! I LOVE DA VINCI and you absolutely hit my Da Vinci spot with the flying machine!!!! Wonderful! Thanks Ingrid!

Anonymous said...

I like the knight sculpture in the background. The textures look very well-done. Where can I find it?

Lama said...

@Anonymous: It's a TSM conversion and you can get it HERE

Alraris said...

I got exactly same question as wawa... HOW did You do that? I was looking at game files, searching on forums, downloaded some programs for extracting .forge files, even extracted something which I can now do nothing with... And I still have no idea how to "play" with that strange file format. I downloaded some already extracted items from deviant art and now I am trying to made them usable items in Sims 2. But the policy of the person who extracted them is unstable: she posted them for free, once said nothing, other time claim for no sharing, no altering. I don't know what to do with these. Better convert myself, but still... so hard!

And this crossbow looks stunning :) Thanks

Lama said...

@Alraris: You have PM @ the Keep.

Anonymous said...

@Lama Eh... I think I would pass. The sculptures seem to be on the high-poly end. The base game sculptures would do, I guess.

Lama said...

Anonymous, don't worry too much about this polycount. Read HERE..
I don't know your machine, but if you have CC, you probably have a lot among it with highpoly counts. It's just that you don't know. Like, if you have Cassandre's stuff, it's rather highpoly(up to 9000!). Or the meshes from Simsdesignavenue - all very computer straining. If you have Delphy's Downloads Organizer, you can have a look at your packages and their polycount.

StephSim said...

These are great and I am reminded of how much download catching up I need to do here at the Smithy! Fantastic work as always! :)

BTW, when I saw the flying machine...I instantly thought of Evelyn's passion for all things Steampunk. It is indeed a wonderful must have object (especially for that genre).

Thanks for sharing your creative talents with us.