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February 18, 2014

Wool Set

This time I meshed some needlework objects: Wool and tools for your Ladies.
All four items can be found under Deco > Miscellaneous for 52 § (I tend to make set items of the same price, so they are located side by side in the catalogue).


Anonymous said...

Cool. A wool set. The one-tile wool ball, spindle, and basket may be a bit on the high end in poly count.


Hmmm... I think I may use it with the sheep set I downloaded from AffinitySims yesterday. Great. Now, I can make a shop for a shepherd and tailor/seamstress.

Lama said...

Thanks for your comment!
I think they are not that highpoly, compared to other stuff you can find today (3000-10.000!). It makes me cringe seeing new meshes, that were forced to be lower than 900, unshaped and blurry. If you can play new computer games on your machine, then it will be able to handle slightly high poly Sims 2 objects as well.

Wawa said...

Great set Ingrid. I like the embroidery panel attached to the table like that!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely (and not high-poly) set! Perfect for my ladies' sewing rooms. :) Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I found a knitting mod if you need an animation. Here is the website URL