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August 15, 2014

CAS Icons for Medieval Collections

As per request here are some collection icons for your medieval CAS needs.
These do NOT belong in your Downloads folder, but in the Collections/ Icons folder.
More info here


Anonymous said...

Cool. This collection of CAS Icons covers all of medieval life. It has Clergy, Craftsman, Fantasy, King, Knight, Lady, Lord, Mage, Peasant, Prince, Princess, Queen, and War! You don't want a Bishop to dress up like a Footsoldier. :D

From upper class to lower class:
- Clergy
- King
- Queen
- Prince
- Princess
- Knight
- Lady
- Craftsman
- Peasant

By theme:
- Fantasy
- Magic/Mage
- War

Anonymous said...

However, some of these categories have overlaps. For example, you can overlap clothes from the Clergy section with clothes from the Nobleman section. You can overlap Fantasy with Magic/Mage.

Anonymous said...

I'm your original requester for these, & I just wanna say THANK YOU!! so very, very much! I appreciate that you took the time to fill this request!

Lama said...

Always at your service!