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September 27, 2014

It All Begins With A Chair.

(As shared at PBK regarding the Guild Wares II contest.)
I know, I know! The contest deadline is past. This was to have been my entry into the contest but ya know that thing called Real Life. Okay, Okay! I was procrastinating!! Jeez, you all see right through me. It all started with 2 meshes I had extracted from Skyrim. The "upperbench02" and the "upperdoublebed05".  photo upperbench02_zps0399b165.png photo upperdoublebed05_zps04d6bddf.png
A little cut/paste from here ... a little cut/paste from there .... and voila!
 photo towersuite_zpsda414934.png
A whole new furniture grouping.
Anywho, I call the project ..... It All Begins With A Chair! Or affectionately known in the package file names, The Tower Suite "blank". Those side posts reminded me of medieval castle towers so hence the name.
 photo armchair1_zps2bd4acd7.png
 photo armchair1-side_zps256f4645.png  photo armchair1-back_zpseb43b10a.png
Our lovely Keep model taking a curtsey! Thank You StephSim.

The furniture pieces are:
Armchair with/without Cushions
 photo chair-cushions_zps133a862c.png photo chair_zps14ba6cfe.png
Loveseat with/without Cushions.
 photo chair-loveseat-cushion_zps4ddd076c.png photo chair-loveseat_zpsa4ff8535.png
Sofa with/without Cushions
 photo chair-sofa-cushion-3seater_zpsaf36f04c.png photo chair-sofa-3seater_zpsc841fd65.png
A single bed, double bed and a double bed with canopy.
 photo bed-singlebed_zps453aa926.png photo bed-doublebed_zps3c177f2b.png photo bed-noblebed_zps2d0990d4.png
Curtains for the Canopied Bed
 photo beds-relaxing_zps9d562ba0.png
End-tables and Night-table, Coffee-table
 photo tables-endtable_nighttable_zpsf1d849bd.png photo coffeetable_zpsb6b7d57a.png
Dining Chair with/without Cushions, Dining Table 1x3, Dining Table 1x2
 photo diningchair-cushion_zps671eddfd.png photo diningchair_zpsbc46f1c3.png photo table-banquet1x3_zpsd27fed1b.png photo coffeetable_zpsb6b7d57a.png
China Cabinet
 photo cabinet_zpsf09e99de.png
(cloned from Cashcraft's Regency Set, I LUV her stuffs!)
 photo dining_zps42fa4c4d.png
Merchant Desk, Noble Desk, Small Bookcase and Large Bookcase
 photo desk-merchant_zpsa7098d68.png photo desk-noble_zpse29f40c3.png photo bookcase-small_zpsc9265b23.png photo bookcase-large_zpse33c5011.png
And then, to tie into the theme for that contest -- Guild Wares,
Guildmaster Chairs using icons from Final Fantasy XIV.
 photo guild1_zpsd6280f9b.png photo guild2_zps2530e7db.png photo guild3_zps5297d335.png photo guild4_zps95e0fbc8.png
or plain wood
 photo bookcases_zps03eff1d5.png
And lastly, modifications of Julsfels Antique Rug in a small version, runner version and "palace" version. Will not conflict with Andrea's fabulous creations.
Small rug, runner and palace rug
 photo rug1_zps48fb3a23.png photo rug2_zps80f27776.png photo rug3_zps7c490c3c.png
Rug Swatches
 photo aa-rugs1-50_zps03686d10.png
Everything related to this furniture set is based on this one simple chair.
 photo chair_zps14ba6cfe.png
The UV mapping for all the furniture items are mapped to this one simple chair. So guess what you will need for any of these other furniture items to work. That's right, this one simple chair! Guess what that means for anyone who wants to make recolours!?! You only need to make a texture for this one simple chair! Brilliant isn't it!
But you may not need any recolours really because I did the chair in the Pooklet'd wood colours.....
 photo pookletd_zps90263ac0.png
And in a selection of wood textures I found on the web.
 photo AA-wood-swatches_zps1299a738.png
Plus! with carved details! (click on each to be directly linked to the Album)
Gothic Detail, Greenman Detail, and Griffin Detail.
I also went crazy making various cushion textures so you get solid fabrics, silk fabrics and two sets of medieval-ish fabrics -- set one and set two.
And to make it all rounded, the bed curtains and bedding for the canopied bed are matched to the medieval-ish fabrics in sets one and two.
So, grab what you will. Each zipfile should have pictures included so you can pick and choose what you want to keep, what you want to discard.
Just remember!! You will need the armchair mesh for all the other objects to work ingame.
Download Link to Dropbox
Download Link to Mediafire
I hope you enjoy The Tower Suite!


Anonymous said...

Please post the poly count, Wawa, and make a good habit out of it.

Wawa said...

Anonymous wanted polycounts:

Chair/loveseat/sofa - 3927
Same with cushions - 4111
Endtable1, dining 1x2, dining 1x3, coffeetable - 1004
Endtable2 - 1325
Desks 3234 / 11469 (due to deco clutter)
Doublebed - 4098
with canopy - 4134
Singlebed - 3590
Cabinet - 5981
Guildchair - 4476
Canopies - 3449 / 2541
Bookcases - 12994/7281 (due to book clutter)

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic, Wawa. Thanks!

Ekho said...

These are lovely! Thank you xx

Rebellina Smith said...

What a truly stunning set!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great work! It's wonderful!