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January 30, 2015

Any ideas?

Hi! For my next meshing project I need your input. I thought of doing a Druid set and the first items that came to my mind are the famous golden sickles, mistle toes, big kettles and such stereotype kind of things. I even can imagine a big thatched roof, like the ones we know from that little gaulish village ... If you have some more suggestions, please post them here. Thanks!

March, 25 (Update): Thank you all for your ideas! The set is taking shape slowly, as real life doesn't leave me much time for creating. However, I have two roof parts, a fireplace, some sickles, animal skins and mistleballs finished and yet a window, door and a few other things to make. Here's a small preview:


Anonymous said...

I did a google search and druids seem to be linked with Celtics. There are some wonderful stone carvings on large rocks, and rocks similar to Stonehenge but smaller. There are also some terrific wooden carvings to hang on walls, carved wands and some fantastically shaped walking sticks. Since Druids seem to be linked with the outdoors and forests, heavily moss covered anything would be terrific. Love, Lydiasuzanne

Vincent Meyers said...

maybe a mistletoe that can be placed in trees?

Or indeed Dolmen and Menhir, monuments and graves built from huge stone boulders.

The following is an example of a reconstruction of a Celtic style hut. Something I tried to recreate in-game with Maxis roofs for now.

if we could have an object that is placed on the first floor above ground level that would be so cool. the sides could go down below the base of the mesh so it hangs over the walls like in the case of the actual round huts.

Sorry for being so wordy! Love the blog, love the creators, respect to all of you guys!

Anonymous said...

It would be quite interesting to do a syncretistic Pagan-Christian collection of objects.

Anonymous said...

Your - and all the other suggestions - kinda fit nicely with "Outlander".
It's a book- and tv-series about a WWII nurse who falls through time at a stone circle in Craigh Na Dun near Inverness, Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I personally would love to see more windows and door sets.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with all things celtic, and if I'm not mistaken didn't the druids have some sort of holy tree? Possibly an Oak tree, by which they made sacrifices and prayed.

Anonymous said...

I also would love to see more windows and door sets, as well as fireplaces and walls. Your work is lovely.

Penelope said...

Bronze mirrors! There is an Iron Age example here:

Not exclusively Druid, but relevant to the time period. I haven't seen archaeological examples that hang on the wall (like most sims mirrors do), but functional bronze mirrors would be neat to have.

Deatherella said...

I was trying to think of something that hadn't been mentioned already the last time I checked the comments (the week you put this post up).
And, I was surprised when someone referenced Outlander since --fantastic book series that it is (read it since it first came out in early 90's, not a johnny-come-lately-cuz-it's-ib-tv) -- since it would be a great source for someone working on a project shortly before, during, and after the '45 with the occasional pagan witchery type thing. I don't recall any specific incidence where Druids were mentioned in the series unless someone made an offhand comment in passing.
I think for Druids, you have to go farther and farther, maybe to the time of Avalon or before. They are the ones that worshipped the old gods and if I remember right, weren't the priestesses the female counterpart to Druids? I think the males were considered Druids in most of the Avalon-based stories I've read. And of course my actuall non-fiction book on Druids is nowhere to be found to find some real life things you could look for on the net. If I find it, I'll let you know if there's anything useful in there.

Vincent Meyers said...

Wow this set looks so good already! Can't wait to see the whole set finished and in my game.

It's like my imagining of Celt history has become real before my eyes :O .

jeanne said...

This is looking so lovely - and warm and inviting - and I have to have it. You do such wonderful work, I can hardly wait for the finished product.