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June 24, 2015

Medieval Table Add-ons by Wawa.

A request was made by child_of_air at the Keep for some recolours of Ingrid's medieval table. Fire_Flower took up the gauntlet and make 18 fantastic recolours for it. I thought they looked amazing. Ingrid left a comment about how she liked them too. So, I got to thinking ..... why not make a matching set of chairs for that table? And couldn't Ingrid's table be enlarged to make a 3 tiled table? So, I made them.

Polycounts: 3-tiled table - 3286, chair - 4362, armchair - 6266, bench - 2210. I know the armchair is rather high but these meshes were made by cutting and pasting different pieces of Ingrid's original mesh.
 photo f0f59d75-2257-46ce-918a-ac6de251c6c3_zpsswbgux5x.png
 photo 41a84f6c-6319-4e93-bc7d-b8ec2212fe17_zps1tj8qeqz.png
 photo a42fd782-e588-4dca-af5b-4141abb6c4bf_zpsnay7yyt4.png  photo 9e939115-d8b3-4297-bf39-cd5c9e14e2ba_zpsjawizwy6.png  photo armchair_zpsg6mqknty.png  photo 5bc257df-7f27-4d8e-b0ab-a80373d33603_zpsrflpsday.png
Download Add-on meshes


Lama said...

That's a perfectly spiffing set, Wawa. I especially like how you assembled the armchair. And you even made the meshes repository, so they will take up all those recolours of the original table. Thank you!

Wawa said...

Glad you like them Ingrid. I realized I forgot to mention they were repositoried to the table and it's recolours.

Princess Amy said...

Nice! I'm so happy when my requests lead to awesome sets! :D

Anonymous said...

Very nice job, WaWa! Keeping the chair cross-bars close to the floor makes a perfect renaissance & 17th century chair. Many thanks for these. Greywolf3 @ PBK

Dina McClain said...

Thank you WaWa for this wonderful add on! Celticlass