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August 23, 2015

Worship Me Thou Pagan Sims!

(Also shared at PlumbBob Keep.)
Continuing with the Anniversary gifts, Oaristys@The Nexus had published a Modders Resource with various meshes extracted from The Witcher. So, Thanks to Oaristys and CD Projekt we can start to have some of these great meshes incorporated into The Sims 2.

I was converting all the files to the .obj format and had to do this little project first. The chess pieces from the Witcher. Consisting of the Black King, White King, Queen, Bishop, Black and White Pawns, I made a table-sized statue and a 2 story statue that is prayable to. They are cloned from the blue vase (basegame Maxis) and the Jesus died for You statue by KevinsHope. To me, they had a Celtic and/or Norse god kind of look to them, so why not make a statue your Sims could worship?

Chesspieces as Decorative Objects
under Decorative>>Sculptures at 2000 Simoleons
 photo 1e8528a8-a19a-4b83-9623-76aeead95056_zps92wa07bo.png

Chesspieces as Prayable Statues under Decorative>>Sculptures at 2500 Simoleons
The Black King
 photo 8b8e48e0-3243-41c3-86a4-8d6823b07328_zpsop0znsgy.png

The White King
 photo 7f1a1bef-9ea4-4fcc-8808-24a6a03b138a_zpsb1ytztg2.png
The Queen
 photo bc7a21cb-daa4-4b88-84d8-f39ee0e6cc5c_zpsvswm4m8u.png
The Bishop
 photo ce639536-8f31-47cc-b14c-b71d91616e39_zpsnx97uild.png
The Black and White Pawns
 photo 17a561ff-66f0-45c5-8325-f0a5a73e942a_zpseecmlkyw.png
 photo e77130c5-e009-4cfc-b119-060b4fba7c30_zps7an1get2.png
Actions available for the Sim
 photo 80d9eca7-0207-4751-a424-b83cfb01c7e5_zpstvipiydg.png
The prayable statues are repositoried to the deco statues so you will need the deco in your game for the textures to work on the prayable statues. The reason is I have a blue, brown, green and red recolour for each of them.

wawa180859's Recolours for Slideshow album on Photobucket

Note: The white pawn draws it's textures from the black pawn, making the black pawn the parent mesh of the two.

Grab Them Here.


Anonymous said...

Oh, cool! It looks like the bookshelf has 9 slots totally, 3 on each level.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, Wawa. More prayable objects are always welcome & I am sure to get a lot of use out of these.

~Niam_h (PBK)