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September 17, 2015

Papal Tiara

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

I had made this sometime ago hoping to get the hang of making accessories. Still trying to get better at making them, but I got it working in the game. Not sure if you would have use for it but if you have a religious leader I hope it might come in handy. Fair warning though. The table deco tiaras are around 30k polycount so use at your own discretion.

 photo 8e9b5f4f-ba63-4b5e-95d6-2c9eb8c919d5_zpsyinwjkzx.png

Adult Male as modelled by Pope Wawa
 photo c1868fff-14be-4bed-b742-cbbce227e768_zps8jqhsjf5.png

 photo 06e0460e-c34c-43b5-a5e2-1c77ae44236d_zpscyevexye.png

Adult Female as modelled by Pope G-Knee

 photo e0c19030-f612-46d8-8454-501b96da7cef_zps29dhht9p.png

 photo 8fdd396b-65b8-44dd-9942-214d45d4eb16_zpsedy0hvrs.png

Hopefully discussing theology.
 photo e36ab4b5-7a6b-4550-8a79-4ebe3b369d0c_zpsxjg6z1yr.png

 photo d57b8531-2500-4d90-bced-a94ce5955968_zpska47hz9b.png

Knowing Pope Wawa like I do I bet they're discussing who owns the better dresses!

"Get 'em while they're HoT!"

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Wawa! They look beautiful! High-poly, like you said, but beautiful!

I wonder if it is possible to make the crown slightly less high-poly. Perhaps, instead of having a mesh for the wrap-around thingies, there may be just an elongated version of a baseball cap without the brim.

Meet Pope Wawa and the (fictional/legendary) Popess G-Knee! In an alternative universe, there is a Pope Gene/Genie/Jean, and s/h/it rules Western Christendom with hope, faith, and love.