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September 09, 2015

The Witcher Suite

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

So another small set of furniture compiled from the witcher "satinchair" model extracted by Oaristys@The Nexus. This is the chair (minus the fringed border showing up for the pictures) cloned from a basegame chair costing 620 Simoleons. It consists of 2 subsets: frame and cushion. It is classed as a "PARENTMESH". All the other meshes are drawing their textures from that chair mesh so you need it for the recolours to show ingame.
 photo satinchair-smithy_zpsfkbmafp1.png

The Chair Recolours
wawa180859's Chair Recolours album on Photobucket

Or view in the Album

The other "PARENTMESH" is the doublebed I created from bits and pieces of the satinchair mesh. It, unfortunately, has only 2 subsets which are "bedding" and "cushion". So, any wooden frame recolours won't work on the bed meshes I created since I made bedding to match the chairs' textures for the bed's headboard and footboard. These are the three beds.
 photo beds-smithy_zpsswplodiq.png

The Bedding Recolours
wawa180859's Bedding Recolours album on Photobucket
Or view in the Album

And then, these are some of the other meshes. They draw their textures from the satin chair. So, again, make sure you have that mesh in your Downloads folder.

 photo bookcases-smithy_zpsau2mn54s.png photo desk-smithy_zps5m3xmltt.png photo sofas-smithy_zpswhlnogtz.png photo loveseats-bench-smithy_zpsihi5oygk.png photo chairs-smithy_zpsvh9ob4hz.png photo tables-smithy_zpsoq0viem7.png photo vanity-shelf-smithy_zpsako1vjuv.png photo dining3x1-smithy_zpsmbyuylv5.png photo dining2x1-smithy_zpsl7mhkgkw.png photo dining1x1-smithy_zps5mdv4exi.png

"Grab'em Here".

The Price List

diningtable 1x1 - 220, diningtable 2x1 - 980, diningtable 3x1 - 1080, diningchair - 615, diningchair-cushioned - 615, doublebed - 700, doublebed-canopy - 700, singlebed - 550, vanity - 1200, sofa - 1500, loveseat - 615, satinchair - 620, 3seater bench - 1500, 2seater bench - 1250, 1seater bench - 900, bookcase - 700, booknook - 250, desk - 1000, coffeetable 1x1 - 265, coffeetable 2x1 - 290, endtable(nighttable) - 90

NOTE: I noticed a weird shadow from the picture with the bookcases. Please download the "FIXED SHADOW" version and delete the old mesh.


Evelyn said...

Beautiiiiiiful Wawa! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Wa! It's wonderful having an entire set that really looks fine. Thank you.


By the by, the link goes to your Tudor throne set of the same chair mesh. So, I DLed from the Keep.

Wawa said...

Glad you like them HB! Sorry to read about the laptop giving up the ghost.

Lady Aquanine said...

I tried downloading this suite and just got the same link for the Tudor Thrones. Can you fix it please? Not everyone has access to the Keep anymore.

Wawa said...

I don't know how the link changed LOL. But I have fixed it for you Lady Aquanine! Sorry about that.

Lady Aquanine said...

Thank you very much Wawa :)

Anonymous said...

Another amazing set, Wawa. I was originally just going to download the book cases, but threw the entire set in-game, and am so glad I did. Great work!

~Niam_h (PBK)