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December 10, 2015

Turbans and Sarpechs{Aigrettes}

(Also shared at The PlumbBob Keep)

Another in the list of headwear by Rosemaryr that I'm attempting to convert to TS2. These are False Turbans. Ideal for those medieval Arabian wannabees or those Victorian/Edwardians longing to be Bohemian, for lounging around in. And if you are of noble stock you can't have a decent turban without a little bling to add to it. So I designed a sarpech (aigrette) to wear with it as its own accessory. Wearable by both sexes, child to elder only.

Ingame Picture
 photo 608b0292-dc00-4868-9ba8-0a6d83fa56d0_zpsfhau4rtk.png

 photo 93e20f92-e624-4a46-8b1e-0cf66e7b39fa_zpsoac526xh.png
 photo 24c7db33-c53d-4752-9469-13d7e6aebc79_zpsredfc3fx.png
 photo 61d62ac1-4a7a-4be2-aedd-4df2da9c6fa9_zpsomuujw31.png

Slideshow of the Sarpechs{Aigrettes}

wawa180859's Sarpechs album on Photobucket

The Turban Recolours in a Slideshow

wawa180859's Turban Recolours 4 Slideshow album on Photobucket

Grab'em Here!


Ashley Carter said...

The download link doesnt work :'(

Wawa said...

Ooops, sorry. I put the wrong web address in. Thanks for letting me know Ashley.

Anonymous said...

These are awesome, Wawa. Thank you.

~ Niam_h (PBK)