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December 26, 2015


Twelvetide, also called Smoke Nights or The Twelve Quiet Days, falls between December 25 and January 6. It's a time of rest, contemplation and storytelling. During these twelve days, folks used to burn incense in their homes and stables to drive out evil influences and spirits, which were believed to be most active around this period. Other folk customs associated with The Twelve Days included making loud noises, wearing masks and costumes, and burning bonfires to scare off harmful spirits.

With this post you get an incense burner with animated smoke, a decorative pipe with stand and a pouch (for incense, or some herbal mixture to puff away). Recolours included; found under Deco > Miscellaneous for 141 and 155 Simoleans.


Anonymous said...

I love this!!!! And I love the history that goes with it....
Thank You
(Red Sonja)

Ray Nuss said...

This is just perfect! And, thanks for the historical background. I'll use this all year round.

Anonymous said...

Now my sims can celebrate a Proper 12 Days. Vielen Dank, schöne Dame Ingrid.

HB Michael

Anonymous said...

Love your site, love your creations.
Your medieval stuff is perfect.
Huge thanks for sharing all these treasures.

Fata Morgana from Cradle of Darkness

Lama said...

Thanks a lot, Fata Morgana!

StephSim said...

These are beautiful. I truly love the solitude they evoke. What a fabulous tradition! Thank you for sharing these.

I am now caught up on my Smithy treasures. Thank you for your continued devotion to the Sims 2 Community! I am always happy to have a few of your creations to adorn my Sim homes.

Anonymous said...

I love this set, Ingrid. thank you. It is going straight into my Persian vacation 'hood.

~ Niam_h (PBK)